Goalster FC,(Venue partner for the tournament)

A wonderful start for Sportnicians - The Sports People, such a well-organized tournament especially as it was their first. We hope to continue with Sportnicians as their venue partner and keep up the good work.

Clayton Cardozo,Team Manager, Maccabi Tel Aviv

It was well organized tournament. The Draws are the most important which were given in advance and were thoroughly followed by the officials. The Referees who officiated in the tournament were the best, as a result the tournament concluded without any hassles. Waiting to play the next Tournament that Sportnicians - The Sports People organize.

Sabiha Vora,Sports Enthusiast.

To watch a game is always a pleasure if it’s well organized and executed well in terms of draws, schedule and sportsman spirit. I happened to witness one such event on the 26th January at Gsc.Rink Football organized by Sportnicians - The Sports People was a fun event that was coordinated well until the last moment. Wish Sportnicians - The Sports People All the best in all its future endeavors.

Shabana Claver,Sports Enthusiast

26th January, 2016 was very well spent watching some top football teams at the Sportnicians - The Sports People organized rink tournament, with red bull for company and witnessing some well scored goals. The tournament was very well organized, went perfectly on time. Overall a fabulous experience, hoping for many more.

Merick Fernandez,Player of the tournament awardee (Team Macabi Tel Aviv).

I enjoyed playing the tournament and was happy to win the player of the Tournament award. This is my 3rd overall player of the Tournament award.

Abhishek Galvankar,Owner of Team Galvankar FC

Galvankars FC would like to thank you and congratulate Sportnicians - The Sports People for organizing and successfully completing Football Rink tournament on 26th January 2016. Event was a great success and well professionally organized with taking care of all aspects of the game to make teams as comfortable and relaxing throughout. Good going guyz keep up the good work, many more to come!! Wish u luck and success.


"Sportnicians - The Sports People have done a commendable job in organizing football tournament, commemorating the Republic Day of India. It was a magnificent showcase of the Best talents in Rink football, many nail biting moments. Organizers made sure the fixtures and results were transparent and fair. They also responded to any hint of players grievances with alacrity. Overall they left no stone unturned in making this event a mega success. keep up the Good work Sportnicians".

Akshay Uppal,Sports Enthusiast.

This was one of the best tournaments organized by Sportnicians - The Sports People. The organizers have look into each and every aspect of the tournament and made sure it receives a good response from sponsors and the crowd who had come to support their teams. The overall event was awesome and well managed, hope to see many more tournaments with them.

Yashasvi Anup Singh,Best Goalkeeper of the tournament awardee(Team Mean Machines).

I enjoyed the tournament thoroughly it was a treat and a wonderful experience playing the Republic Day football tournament organized by Sportnicians - The Sports People. It was well organized. Sportnicians did a great job.

Tejas Ranadive,Sports Enthusiast.

Sportnicans - The Sports People organized a rink football on republic day 2016. It was the most well organized event ever done by any starup company,the whole event was professionally very well handled. The high point was some of the biggest names in rink football had participated. In the coming years Sportnicans - The Sports People will create a mark with different events so people just wait & watch.