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Appreciate the approach and commitment in fulfilling our requirement on a very short notice. The event was meticulously designed and was more than fulfilling our expectations. The event was professionally managed by team Sportnicians - The Sports People. We wil always look upon them for their support to manage such events for our organisation in the future as well. Thank you once again Team Sportnicians.
Manoj Kabra
Manager - Operations Hinduja Global Solutions
Sportnicians - The Sports People is doing a phenomenal job by keeping individuals stay connected to sport; by catering to all types of audiences (from budding athletes to professionals). By ensuring that all sports are given enough important, I think Sportnicians is recognised as one of top promising sport consultants in India. The efforts Ishraque has been taking to reach out to the public, is commendable! Hats off to him for bringing out sport so much more & helping create awareness and education across society!
Maithili Bhuptani
Lead Sports & Exercise Psychologist Sir H.N Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai
Sportnicians - The Sports People is a company you can trust with any event as they treat every event as their own. The personal attention and efforts that Mr. Ishraque Gulrays put's into everything makes you feel confident that if they are responsible you don't need to worry. Sportnicians - The Sports People handle Tennis Premier League (TPL) and all the people associated including the celebrities, owners, mentors and players so well that we hope they continue to manage the league and help us grow the league year by year.
Kunal Thakkur
Co-Founder Tennis Premier League (TPL)
Our one stop solutions for all our sports engagement events has always been Sportnicians - The Sports People. Extremely professional and at the same time adding a personal touch is what they bring to the table. They have the best of teams under them whom you can confidently bank on when you want to conduct your sports events. Yes the man behind the show is very important as well - Ishraque Gulrays.He strives to deliver the best always.
Mohit Shetty
Deputy Head HR Nippon Life India Asset Management
Sportnicians - The Sports People located in the scenic backdrop of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Orlem offers a wide variety of sporting options and have a playing turf which matches your expectations. They also deal with sports peripherals and offer a wide range of products and services. Good luck with future ventures, Ishraque and Team Sportnicians
Clive Pereira
Manager - JP Morgan
I know Ishraque Gulrays since many years. He is a very dedicated and sincere person and delivers what he promises. His company Sportnicians - The Sports People is doing amazing work in terms of spreading the right knowledge for all those in the fields of sports and fitness. My best wishes to him always!
Niteen L. Shah
Promoter & MD Total Sports & Fitness Pvt Ltd
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ishraque and Sportnicians Team on a number of projects since 2018. What got me straight away was the passion that Ishraque puts into everything he gets involved in – his work really is a passionate endeavour, first and foremost. I believe that Sportnicians, with Ishraque at the helm, is doing great work across the spectrum of sports in India, from grassroots to the professional level, and I look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.
Christopher Pedra
Consulting Physiotherapist Sir.H.N Reliance Foundation Hospital
It has been a wonderful experience being associated with Sportnicians - The Sports People and Ishraque. Ishraque especially being an athlete himself understands the current challenges and key requirements of athletes today and Sportnicians is just the platform that fulfills these requirements on an end to end basis. Since education is one of their prime visions, conducting nutrition sessions for Sportnicians has been an absolute pleasure.
Mihira A R Khopkar
Lead Sports Nutritionist, Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital
Met Ishraque 2.6 years back and had been an amazing experience. Had organized an event for my Bank staff through Sportnicians - The Sports People and didn't feel discomfort even for a minute throughout the event. It was Ishraque and his team's on ground ability to manage things throughout the event which won everyone's heart around. Very few people you meet have an ability to stand up to their commitments and Ishraque is one of them. Cheers to this dude and lots of success ahead.
Himanshu Churi
Manager - Yes Bank
We have been a client for Sportnicians - The Sports People for a couple of years now and I have to say, Ishraque and his team has been one of the most patient and innovative teams to work with. Sportnicians organised sport's event for our organisation TransUnion -Cibil and it is obvious that its not an easy task to manage an event for such a large organisation without making mistakes but they have been spot on. They have been extremely accomodating and hardworking in bringing out the best out of each of the sports events and giving us best of the facilities be it the place of event, food & beverages, commentators as well as umpires and referees. They always had clients best interest in mind and have given world class experience to the people participating in the event. I would HIGHLY recommend Ishraque and Sportnicians - The Sports People to anyone who wish to organise a sport event. You won't be disappointed.
Jignesh Patel
Sr. Manager - Marketing TransUnion - Cibil


Pinnacle High International School invited Mr. Ishraque Gulrays to give motivational & encouraging speech to their students. Mr. Gulrays addressed multiple grades in the school. Along with the students their parents were also present while Mr. Gulrays gave positive reinforcement and encouraged students to follow their passion. The sessions were highly appreciated and they created a positive impact as well. Mr. Gulrays was thankful to the students, parents and management of Pinnacle High International School.
Pinnacle High International School
Sportnicians is associated with Pinnacle High International School since last three years providing football and skating coaching. They have done a wonderful job with our students, not only imparting various sports skills but motivating them all the way along with providing various values. The coaches are well trained and friendly. Looking forward to many more years of collaboration!
Deepa Ghelani

Eminent Sportsmen

Have known Ishraque for couple of years now and I really get fascinated by the effort and passion shown by Sportnicians - The Sports People towards all sport. Being a player himself he understands the mentality and needs of players and at the same time coming from a corporate background he has the feel of the best workable system. For sports to grow organically in India we need people like Ishraque, Sabiha who go that one step beyond and make the difference. Way to go, appreciate the efforts.
Manish Rao
World Ambassador: International Pickleball Federation & Team India Pickleball Player
I want to highly appreciate Ishraque Gulrays, Sportnicians - The Sports People for all the great work the whole team is doing in this field of Sports. As I personally know Ishraque from a long time, just want to say he is really a professional in this field because he himself was a National Level Player. As every individual deserves to get the correct and best guidance/coaching in which ever sport they want to pursue and Sportnicians does connect such people to experienced and professional coaches, one should train under. This leads them to become a professional in future because such players develops a very strong foundation when trained under professionals which is very very much needed. Also would like to mention that Sportnicians are always ready to help at any given time, they are just a call away. They are also doing a great job by conducting online webinars of many professionals where they share their great experiences to help all players to excel in their respective field. I want to wish Sportnicians all the very best for a very bright future.
Gurcharan Singh Gill
International Table Tennis Federation - Level 3 Certified Coach
Ishraque Gulrays and his team at Sportnicians - The Sports People cater to everyone, from first time participants to professional athletes. Sportnicians also offer services proficient in the relevant skills and techniques required to excel at various sports & events. Being a former professional athlete Ishraque knows what an athlete needs to excel, his team is bridging the gap between professionals and upcoming athletes as they assist people in reaching the right professionals for training and coaching purposes. Sportnicians is very passionate about Sports and want to see India as a successful sporting nation and they are moving in the right direction. I wish Ishraque and his team at Sportnicians all the very best for all their future endeavours.
Ronak Pandit
Gold medalist of Commonwealth Games 2006
One of the many reasons why Sportnicians - The Sports People was founded was to create a more athletic, fit and positive lifestyle not only in children but also adults who have reached a certain phase of life where any kind of sporting activity feels decades ago or dreams away. Having known the founder Mr. Ishraque Gulrays much before this initiative I did notice one very interesting thing in him which he carries it with pride on his shoulder even today ie Sportsmanship. Been a professional sportsperson does build your confidence and moral towards challenges and hence I do want to wish Sportnicians - The Sports People all the very best for their future endeavor in creating a healthier and positive lifestyle in people from all age and gender.
Adrian Dsouza
Olympian (India)
The Dynamic Ishraque Gulrays and his team at Sportnicians - The Sports People has taken the sporting world by storm with their efforts to develop and promote all sports from the grassroot to the highest levels. Sportnicians - The Sports People have been successful in the creating an awareness and interest amongst people with relation to Sports, which will go a long way in making us a proud Sporting Nation.
Uday Pawar
Asian Badminton Championship - Silver Medalist
Sportnicians - The Sports People has been a huge help to all of us. Their work in sports has provided, simple & easy platform for eminent sports personalities. During the Sports Talk platform many professionals shared their views and experiences which helped everyone in different ways. The topics for the Sports Talks were at times not very common and many of us came to know about different sports professions and it also made us understand how vast the field of sports really is along with highlighting multiple opportunities in the field of sports. This was possible only due to Sportnicians - The Sports People and their dedicated team. Ishraque Gulrays himself being a sports person understands how important the basics are and his work shows his devotion for sports. Ishraque Gulrays your organization is a great asset to the sports community. You went above and beyond in working with your team to provide development, opportunities in sports. The topics chosen for the Sports Talks were highly appreciated by all. Ishraque Gulrays has encouraged everyone to look into themselves and find their personal dream in sports, and to ensure they follow their passion.
Rama Asher
1st Shiv Chhatrapati Award Winner for Softball. & 1st Indian Women Softball Team Captain.


As the name says, Sportnicians - The Sports People, the entire team works for the well being of a child entrusted to them, be it any sport that they are enrolled for, with them. The Academy not only focuses on the child's sport interest but also on their overall development as an individual. My association with Sportnicians' began in the year 2018, when I enrolled my son Shaun with them' for a summer Football Camp at Roaring Farms, Malwani Church. The journey since then has been amazing. Their well trained coaches by being strict yet friendly with the kids, help the kids grow in their field professionally and compete with a spirit of sportsmanship. The academy ensures good exposure by taking part in regular friendly and competitive matches with other academies of repute. Above all, Sportnicians' approach of training the kids by identifying their potentials and strengths and working on their weaknesses with due care is commendable. To talk about Ishraque Sir, a very gentle and humble person, very understanding and enterprising. He makes it a point to focus and understand every child who is there in his academy and he mingles not only with the kids but also with the parents giving them a comfortable feeling always. He is a very approachable person, hard working and always wanting to see his children reaching for the stars, encouraging them.. Kudos to you Sir and the entire team at Sportnicians'..May you achieve greater heights!!God bless!!
Reena Sabu
Mother of Shaun Sabu
When you train in a particular sport, apart from learning the sport itself, you also inculcate leadership qualities, team spirit and sportsmanship. Both my sons train with Sportinicians - The Sports People for Football. I've seen improvement not only in their game, but in their overall personality. Ishraque Sir goes the extra mile of arranging transport and escorting the kids to various tournaments when parents find it difficult to take the kids themselves.
Janice Dsouza
Mom of Ewan & Jade Dsouza
My son has been affiliated with Sportnicians - The Sports People for more than half a decade and it's been an amazing journey for him. He has been coached not just on football, but his overall fitness and that has improved his talent tremendously. The coaches have extended an ever helpful hand through tournaments and even personal feedback which has transformed Reeve into a stronger and more disciplined sports person. Thank you Ishraque for the wonderful opportunities you have given the youth through your venture of Sportnicians - The Sports People.
Zeenaida Gracias
Mother of Reeve Gracias
My son has really enjoyed learning football at Sportnicians - The Sports People and found it valuable and informative. The whole team of Sportnicians - The Sports People has been great to learn from. After joining Sportnicians, he has improved a lot on his football skills just after few months of training and developed strength and agility.
Sonal Gupta
Mother of Taksheel Gupta
I came across Sportnicians - The Sports People at a juncture of my life where they served as a blessing. We had a new addition to our family and my elder son was feeling being neglected and one of the ways to compensate it was to keep him engaged in what he liked to do. It was at this time that I came across Sportnicians - The Sports People and registered my son for football with them. My son enjoyed the coaching and also made friends. Sportnicians - The Sports People not only coaches for a particular sport but also I have noticed they nurture discipline, sportsmanship and dedication for the sport and team which makes them stand apart from other coaching classes. Mr. Ishraque Gulrays truly protrays his love for sports and has not only limited himself to only teaching them the sport but also exposing them to competition by organising matches with other teams whenever possible, thereby fostering team spirit and team workmanship. He takes upon himself the responsibility of each and every student and I have seen him striving to make sports fun and keep the fun spirit alive by conducting many activities like taking them to beach for training, conducting quiz during this lockdown period, connecting with each of his students.
V. Tamalika
Mother of Aashray Vadlapatla
Our trust, as parents, with “SPORTNICIANS”MALAD, has been a pleasant experience. Ever since the day we entrusted our child into their hands, they have always supported and encouraged us to chart out our child’s future with sports. And this is very rarely seen in today’s time and age – most sports bodies look at investing in a child only for monetary gains. But I beg to differ of the principles that SPORTNICIANSMALAD live by.
Some of the points which strike out, about the way SPORTNICIANS go about their duties are worth of mention like :-
• Children are always “encouraged”to develop their soccer skills. They are not “pressurized” to perform, butgoaded to unlock their hidden talents.
• “Team building” exercises and “routine drills” in practice time, go a long way towards shaping a player’s mindset and behavior during actual game time.
• Facilities provided are of the best – Astroturf, many balls for children to play with, coaches to cater to different age groups, changing rooms along with toilet facilities.
• Insistent on conditioning the child in exercise, coupled with a balanced diet program.
• Playing in various football leagues/tournaments all over Mumbai, do make our children aware of their strengths/weaknesses along with adapting to different styles of players in their teams.
• Pro-active in arranging transportation for children to attend tournaments which are conducted away from Malad areas.
• There is a lot of camaraderie whilst interacting with children and their parents too. We have become more like a family in some occasions whilst cheering our children during the tournaments.
• Championing the cause of helping the poor and underprivileged like having an academy in Dharavi area.
• Continuously on the look-out to tap potential for improvement.
• There is a time-out for children to prepare and study for their exams.
• Recognition of talent, effort and skills at the Awards ceremony.
• Involving parents to showcase their soccer talent during the Parents Soccer Mini-match– what better way for our children to look to their parents as Role models – probably learn a trick or two on the field.
• At the end of the day, our child is HAPPY to be in the Academy. This is what matters the most.
Now weknow where the word “Sportnicians” really comes from. They have truly carved a “Niche” in Sports with their enterprising ideas and most of all - cool guys to be work with, not to forget their warm and enjoyable company. Looking forward towards continuing “Soccer parenting” after the Pandemic. KUDOS GUYS ! KEEP THE “JOSH” AND SPIRIT ALWAYS UPBEAT !
Merlyn Crasto
Rylan Crasto's Mom
Sportnicians - The Sports People football coaching has had a great impact on my son's goalkeeping skills. The coaches were always enthusiastic in teacing and making sure that each session was fun. The coaching sessions and friendly matches really helped him get over his fears. Thanking Ishraque Sir for always being approachable and handling any issues outright.The camaraderie among the players and coach was another plus point. I would strongly recommend Sportnicians as my son would always be excited to go for his coaching sessions in the evening. He really misses it due to Covid Pandemic,he is unable to go and practice.
Reshma Hari
Mother of Ved & Harsh Hari

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